"One Autumn In Whitechapel" is the eagerly-awaited Jack the Ripper epic by M.P. Priestley - entirely, and exclusively, from the original files and reports. Four years in the making, there are no conspiracy theories or wild guesses in the book - the entire text is exclusively from original accounts, cross-referenced with modern-day profiling, serial killer/murder unit methods and techniques to, for the first time, expose the grim, historically-accurate reality of the events that took place and the man who committed them.

It's in detail that has never been seen before, and a new prime suspect is revealed - a suspect who hid in plain sight the entire time, lived in the local area, and fits every characteristic of a serial, sexually-motivated offender that would be looked for today. The case is presented in exquisite detail, and, unlike with other accounts that claim to name a suspect, the evidence against him is very strong. The author, M.P. Priestley, has appeared via numerous channels as an expert to speak of Jack the Ripper and serial killers - namely on CNN, CBS, and channels as far afield as Brazil, South Korea and Iran. "One Autumn In Whitechapel" is the definitive account of the "Jack the Ripper" case and finally, through an exhaustive exploration of thousands of sources, and the use of modern-day crime scene investigation and profiling techniques, once and for all, really does name the man that committed the notorious crimes.